Yourls – Your Own URL shortener

Was looking for a small system to allow me do (and control) URL shorter site, and here it is   Is a simple php-based URL shorten-er website, with lots of plugins and features I am still in process of converting it to Bootstrap on one of my domains

WordPress simple link logout

I have been playing with WordPress recently, and of course faced some challenges. One of them is having a simple link to logout WordPress, just like login for login, you can easily link to… /wp-login.php For register, you do /wp-login.php?action=register But that is not as simple if you want to logout, you need to pass another argument (called _wpnonce) which looks like a session ID that is changed every login. That makes it almost impossible to allow logging out using a simple link, unless you Continue reading →


The best application to modify simple text files, or complex developing files, like ASP, PHP, CSS, HTML, etc… Use it on daily basis and cannot live without anymore Notepad++